plusminus balloophone

Smartphone featuring a color touchscreen - speech balloons are brought to real life from comic strips. Oh-yeah! The smartphone adapts to your favorite comics: talks to you in your favourite character's language, updates you on new series, contains tunes, ringing tones and games based on the comics. The tail of the balloon serves as a USB connector to interchage data between the smartphone and a computer.

On the other side of the smartphone there is an additional black and white screen that displays short inscriptions such as "Mmmm!", "Oh, no-o-o-o!", "What????" at random. When you talk the smartphone observes your tone of voice and uses friendly, angry and neutral expressions typical for your favourite character.

Turn your smartphone 90 degress - the contents of the screen will rotate as well. Even if you hang upside down like Spiderman you will make everything out.

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plusminus balloophone

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